The Top 20 Best Subnautica mods you must try

Breathe new life into the base game by playing around with Subnautica mods.

Subnautica is yet another survival game which takes its inspiration from Terraria, Minecraft, and Don’t Starve. It takes place in a vibrant underwater world which is filled with enticing secrets and deadly monsters. To survive, the first and foremost thing you will need is enough oxygen, food, and drink.

Clearly, the game is super fun to play. But there are many Subnautica mods which are intended to tweak various aspects of the game, making it even more interesting.

We have compiled a list of 20 best Subnautica mods for you to try. These mods make things easier to manage, more intuitive, and more streamlined. Let’s begin!

1. No More Vehicle Attacks and InvincibilitySubnautica No More Vehicle Attacks and Invincibility Mod

When you are playing in Creative mode, you are allowed to explore the deep oceans without the fear of getting ambushed. Therefore, you can freely explore all that the deep ocean has to offer. However, there’s a catch — your vehicle can still get damaged while you do so.

If you don’t want to worry about getting jump scared when playing around in Creative Mode, this mod resolves that issue and protects all piloted vehicles.

You don’t need to start a new game to turn on this mod. It automatically gets activated when you enter the game, or after you use the invisibility cheat.

2. MoreQuickSlotsSubnautica MoreQuickSlots Mod

Even though you can have close to nine tools in Subnautica, you only get five slots for them.

But worry not! This MoreQuickSlots mod is here to solve your problem. It’s a simple yet highly effective mod that allows you to add 12 useful quickslots. It aims to make things keyboard friendly by adding customizable hotkeys to help you distinguish your tools easily, making it more convenient for you.

Although it may be just a tiny modification, it saves you a lot of time from searching for an item. Well, we really think this is one of the best mods, and you shouldn’t miss it.

3. Vibrant Shader DX11Subnautica Vibrant Shader DX11 Mod

We are already in awe of both the high graphics and the fine art of Subnautica. But it doesn’t hurt to add an extra layer of vibrancy to the Subnautica world.

Vibrant Shader mod aims to make Subnautica prettier and more colorful than it already is. It totally qualifies as one of the best mods for visual improvements.

Furthermore, by clicking on the F10 button, you can turn the mod on and off. But note that it requires DirectX 11 and may face some issues on not-so-powerful PCs.

4. Custom Food 2Subnautica Custom Food 2 Mod

There can never be enough food. Agreed?

Even though the vanilla Subnautica offers a pretty decent variety of items itself, it doesn’t hurt to add more food and drinks items into it.

Custom Food 2 mod adds 16 Customizable Consumables: eights cakes and eight juices.
In fact, it also allows you to change their names, ingredients, food, icons, and tooltips. This mod adds another layer of customization by improving the food choices in the game.

5. Hard Mode Vibrant ShaderSubnautica Hard Mode Vibrant Shader Mod

Subnautica has four game modes — each with their own set of restrictions. The easiest is the Survival mode where the player can return back even after they die.

However, hardcore limits the player to a single life only. In fact, most of the time you will find yourself running short on oxygen and food, which makes it a little hard to survive.

Hard Mode Shader is there to make the game even more interesting and ghostly. In this mod, the night time is darker and the visibility is practically non-existent. Therefore, you will need a flashlight to explore.

6. Docked Vehicle Storage AccessSubnautica DockedVehicleStorageAccess Mod

It can be incredibly time-consuming just to remove the spoils of an exploratory run from the docked vehicle by hand.

We have good news for you. Docked Vehicle Storage mod will automatically take out things from your storage when you dock your vehicle in your Cyclops or into your home base. It extracts your items into a new locker.

This mod is truly time-saving as it removes another show-witted aspect of the game.
Furthermore, your Moonpool is also equipped with a docked vehicle management terminal.

7. MapSubnautica Map Mod

It can be rather tough to navigate the Subnautica world without a map. Thanks to the Map mod, it adds a map to ‘Beacon Manager’ tab of your PDA. It allows you to track and explore new areas, which in turn makes the game even more enjoyable. Simply press the M key to open the map, and the Ping Manager open with N key.

There are various options to choose from including biomes, jellyshroom, topographic, lost river, active lava zone, and inactive lava zone. Not only that, but you can also select colors for some areas as per your preferences.

In short, this mod is really useful for exploring new areas, tracking resources of all sizes, and crafting custom markers.

8. Base ClocksSubnautica Base Clocks Mod

Undoubtedly, Base Clocks is one of the best mods which allows two new craftable items to your habitat builders.

It has two clocks — one that shows your in-game time, while the other clock is designed to display the current system time. It’s a great way to smartly keep track of the time either in-game or out of the game.

To add the Base Clocks mod, you will need to have QMods and Modding Helper to run the program.

9. Improved Alien ContainmentSubnautica Improved Alien Containment Mod

Crafted using the Habitat Builder, the Alien Containment is used to reproduce animals of the same species. Originally, we are limited to just 10 animals, but the Improved Alien Containment mod adds another level of depth to the containment. We can build up multiple plants per creatures, however, the containment should have the specific plants present in it before eggs can be hatched or laid.

Moreover, certain creatures like Ampeels help generate power for the base. Though the amount depends on the size of the creature.

10. Prawn Upgrade AccessSubnautica Prawn Upgrade Access Mod

The most useful deep-sea exploration vehicle in Subnautica is the Prawn Suit. Armed with interchangeable tools like grapple hooks and drills, it can be used in extremely hostile environments.

In order to upgrade the prawn and swap out the arms, the player will need to detach from the machine. Considering how often you need to change between grapple tools and drill, exiting the vehicle every time can be a pain.

That’s when the Prawn Upgrade Access mod comes to your rescue. This mod allows you to access the upgrade menu while piloting the suit. It saves you a lot of time and lets you upgrade on the go.

To upgrade, press slot 1 or 2 while inside the prawn suit.

11. Upgraded VehiclesSubnautica Upgraded Vehicles Mod

As the name suggests, Upgraded Vehicle Mod adds new vehicles to your game. They are obviously more durable.

The mod also adds up a few sustainability items and reduces the impact of damages, if any.

Moreover, you also get better engine efficiency and additional movement speed at no extra cost. Clearly, it’s one of the most useful mods to play around with.

12. Blueprint TrackerSubnautica BlueprintTracker Mod

The Blueprint Tracker is a handy little mod which focuses on simplifying the quality of life.

It allows you to track the progress of the materials you need to craft an item.

It’s pretty simple! Attach the blueprint on your HUD, and the mod will keep marking the ingredients collected. This way, the material gathering is much easier, and you’ll quickly collect everything necessary for the crafting process.

This mod can be extremely useful.

13. AutosortLockersSubnautica AutosortLockers Mod

AutosortLockers mod is for those who like quick and easy management. It automatically sorts your locker into different categories. When you return to your base, your collectibles are handily sorted and they directly go into the appropriate locker without you having to do anything. Indeed a time saver!

So no more trouble for trying to search through your storage containers for a particular item you may need at the moment.

14. EasyCraftSubnautica EasyCraft Mod

Well, the EasyCraft mod is designed to help you with crafting process, something that you will be doing a lot in Subnautica.

It aims to simplify and streamline the building process so that you don’t have to waste much time sorting out menus.

It will automatically craft things from blueprints while taking resources and ingredients that you might have in your nearby lockers.

15. MoonpoolVehicleRepairSubnautica MoonpoolVehicleRepair Mod

MoonpoolVehicleRepair is one of handiest mod, which allows you to repair vehicles easily just by using the Moonpool.

You just need to park the vehicle in the Moonpool to get it repaired. It functions the same way as the Cyclops Docking Bay Repair Module.

16. Fish Overflow DistributorSubnautica Fish Overflow Distributor Mod

Fish Overflow Distributor mod can be useful to those who have fish in Subnautica.

Therefore, when you install this mod, it eases your task by automatically transferring your fish to bioreactors within the same base once the alien containment itself is full. You don’t have to take any extra steps to continue the breeding process.

Also, note that it will not work with creature eggs.

17. Seamoth Storage AccessSubnautica Seamoth Storage Access Mod

Seamoth Storage Access is one of the most effective mod. After all, it gives the player ease of access to their inventories and makes things simpler and more convenient.

This mod lets you use the Seamoth storage compartments right from the Seamoth itself. You don’t have to go out every time you want to interact with them. Isn’t it great?

18. Realistic Recipes and Increased DifficultySubnautica Realistic Recipes and Increased Difficulty Mod

If you like to face challenges and difficulties, then you should try the Realistic Recipes and Increased Difficulty mod.

The aim of this mod is to increase the difficulty level by modifying the price of all blueprints to a more realistic cost. This mod is not recommended for newcomers as it might frustrate them. But if you are an expert, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

19. Decorations ModSubnautica Decorations Mod

If you like decorating just like us, you must definitely try the Decoration Mod.

It adds a fabricator that allows you to craft new things for your base. Guess what, your habitat builder menu will get an addition of 24 new buildables.

Some of the items that will become available are:

  • 3 different lab equipment items
  • 10 different circuit boxes
  • 3 different computers
  • 5 different posters
  • 2 different cups
  • 7 different glass containers
  • 3 different lab furniture
  • 3 different dishes
  • 7 different office supplies
  • 6 different leviathan dolls
  • 5 different bottles
  • 3 different accessories

20. Vehicle Module Fabricator (CustomCraft2)Subnautica Vehicle Module Fabricator (CustomCraft2) Mod

Great news, you don’t have to go to the Moonpool every time to upgrade your vehicle. The Vehicle Module Fabricator mod will help you with it!

It adds a new fabricator to the game to upgrade your vehicle anywhere you want.

Our Final Thoughts

So that’s it for now. That was our list of some of the best Subnautica mods that you can play around with.

If you think we missed out on your favorite mod, then let us know in the comment section below. Tell us which one is your current favorite?


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