“Borderlands 2”: Gaige the Mechromancer Tree Skill Builds

From Lazy to Chaotic — The Volatile Character of Gaige the Mechromancer

Gaige, also known as Mechromancer, is the fifth playable character in Borderlands 2.
Well, she is no ordinary player. She has a shrewd mix of human and machine with a lot of deviation in her play style. Furthermore, her build focuses on movement, all damage output, elemental damage, and pet support. But with the right skill tree, you can make a huge difference in the gameplay.

Meanwhile, there is a good number of Borderlands 2 Mechromancer builds. Two of the noteworthy builds are ‘The Lazy Build’ and ‘DPS Anarchy.’

You would ask why. While ‘The Lazy Build’ focuses on spooling up Deathtrap’s engine, giving it the highest damage per second (DPS), ‘DPS Anarchy’ lets you create chaos without your robot doing all the work for you.

Let us discuss the Borderlands 2 Mechromancer build in details.

Feeling lazy? Try the lazy build

The main aim of Lazy Build is to give Deathtrap the maximum DPS. You will find numerous defensive techniques in the skill tree, but your main attention is to level up Deathtrap’s engine while also ensuring that you both survive.

Deathtrap has a number of skills in the three skill trees that revolve around electrical and fire damage and reloading. It is called the ‘lazy build’ because Deathtrap operates as a tank that can deliver huge damage, and fire at shock army. Moreover, it also acts as a spinning machine of death, drawing enemy fire away from Gaige.

In fact, you can also stand back and take aim at enemies within easy reach until Deathtrap needs to cool down.

Finally, it all comes down to the skill tree you put points into. You will have many options to use your skill points. For instance, you can try Shock and “AUUGH” [TIER 3] if you will be at close quarters a lot; Anarchy [TIER 1] if that aligns to your style of play; Buck Up [TIER 2] if you are playing co-op.

Macromancer Lazy Build Skill Tree 1

Cooking Up Trouble15You regenerate 0.4% of your health per second per when your magazine is full. It is more useful than Close Enough.
The Better Half25When your magazine is half full or lower, you get a 12% Fire Rate bonus per level.
Potent as a Pony35It increases +4% Maximum Health for you, and +2% Maximum Health for Deathtrap per level.
Upshot Robot31It increases +4% Maximum Health for you, and +2% Maximum Health for Deathtrap per level.
Explosive Clap41It is a Deathtrap’s explosive attack.
Made of Sterner Stuff451% damage reduction per level for you and Deathtrap against all damage types. Also, this is replaceable with other skills.
20% Cooler55Deathtrap’s cooldown rate increases by 6% for each skill.
Sharing is Caring61Deathtrap also gets a copy of your armor.

Macromancer Lazy Build Skill Tree 2

More Pep15It raises your elemental chances Status Effects by 2% per level and 4% per level for Electrocute.
The Stare21It is a laser attack with Deathtrap, which deals with burn damage.
Shock Storm25For every kill Deathtrap makes, it causes electrical storms.
Evil Enchantress35It’s a ‘Kill Skill.’ When you kill an enemy, the elemental effect increases by 6% per level.

It’s time to rebel — DPS anarchy

If you really don’t want your robot to do all the work for you, Borderlands 2 Mechromancer build — DPS Anarchy is for you.

The Anarchy skill in TIER 1 is really compelling.

While in combat, when you kill an enemy or completely empty your gun’s magazine, you get a stack of Anarchy. For every stack of Anarchy you have, you gain weapon damage boost, but your accuracy is decreased. Also, be warned that prematurely reloading your guns will empty all your stacks.

Furthermore, we would advise that the optimal gun to use around this skill would be something along the lines of a machine pistol.

Also, there are a few tricks on how you can maximize on stacks. Get something that doesn’t blow up things, such as revolvers and shotgun, or that doesn’t get hurt too much by long range.

Macromancer DPS Anarchy Build Skill Tree 1

Cooking Up Trouble15You need this to get to the next skill.
The Better Half25You gain a 12% fire rate bonus per level.
Upshot Robot31It helps you keep your tank up.

Macromancer DPS Anarchy Build Skill Tree 3

Smaller, Lighter, Faster14A basic skill that increases your Reload Speed, but decreases your Magazine Size.
Preshrunk Cyberpunk25It adds +50 to your Anarchy stacks by 50 per level cap.
Robot Rampage21It is a flurry of Deathtrap attacks.
Annoyed Android35It increases the movement speed of Deathtrap.
Discord31This skill is a safety net for the stacks if you prematurely reload them.
Typecast Iconoclast35There’s 30% chance of gaining additional stack per level.
Rational Anarchist41You earn 25 first stack instead of just 1.


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