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Don't get left behind in the game. Try our choices stories you play hack to get unlimited free keys and diamonds instantly. Enjoy!

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About Choices Stories You Play Cheats

Our main problem with all the movies and all the shows we have ever seen is always the same. We despise not being able to change the immature, senseless, and sometimes even plain stupid decisions that lead characters make. If your main problem with watching movies and TV shows is the same as ours, you’ll love this game. However, if you do start playing it, very soon you’ll want Choices Stories You Play cheats. we get it, and we’re here to help.

Ever since Pixelberry released Choices Stories you play, this visual novel collection has been gaining popularity. It can be installed on any iOS and Android device, it’s easy to play, and it draws you in. This interactive app has everything you ever wanted when you were watching shows and movies. With this storybook app, you choose the genre and the book you want to play.

You choose between Young Adult, Romance, and Fantasy genres, and you pick whether you want to be a man or a woman. Once you start, it’s really difficult to stop. You read these pre-written scenarios and make your own choices that change the outcome of the story.

Everything you do affects the story, so you literally hold your character’s destiny in your hands. Whatever you say or do, that people like, makes your character earn points. Whenever you finish a chapter, you get reward points. And, what people like the most is the fact that some stories get updates every week, so you can keep playing virtually forever. When you get hooked on a certain storyline, this becomes very important. Just like waiting for the next episode of your favorite series. Sometimes they are cheesy, occasionally funny, and sometimes downright exciting – which is why this game is so addictive.

But, there’s a downside to this amazingly fun app. A lot of features have to be paid for. There are situations where the fact that you don’t want to pay will affect the gameplay and the outcomes. There are chapters and stories that you can only unlock if you use in-game currency. We’re not huge fans of pay to play games, so this would be a huge minus in our book if we didn’t create Choices Stories You Play hacks.

We hate being left behind in a game just because we don’t want to waste our hard-earned cash. So how can you get everything you need to play this game without breaking the bank? How can you get Choices unlimited Keys and Diamonds?

Just use this online Choices Stories You Play online generator, and all the resources you need will be at the tip of your fingers.

Choices Free Keys

The most important currency in this game are the keys, and you discover that early on. You need them to unlock books that will let you keep playing your favorite series.

Each story in this game consists of a whole series of books. Now, while it’s possible to start playing most of these for free, going past the first few books, you will have to pay to unlock new ones.

Unfortunately, the only way to buy more keys in Choices is to go to the in-game store and spend some real cash on them. And we have to say, considering how many of these you will need over time, they aren’t exactly cheap. Five keys are $1.99, 30 are $9.99, and 150 are $39.99

However, there’s always an alternative. You can just use our Choices Stories You Play hack and generate as many keys as you need.

Choices Free Diamonds

While not as crucial as keys, Diamonds are the only other in-game currency that you will need if you want to have fun. We noticed that they aren’t a necessity, but they add on the fun. You can use them to buy special items, additional outfits, as well as exclusive stories.

And yes, the game does give you some Diamonds as you’re leveling, but for us, that just wasn’t merely enough. So, when you spend them all, you will end up at the in-game store. And trust us, you won’t be amused. The cheapest offer is $1.99 for 20 diamonds, and the most expensive one is $99.99 for 1500 diamonds.

For our taste, this is a bit steep. So, we simply created a hack that provides unlimited diamonds.

Choices Stories You Play Tips & Tricks

Getting resources - If you want to win Diamonds and Keys while playing, without using hacks and cheats, we have to say; it is admirable. Furthermore, it is entirely possible, as long as you’re patient.

Reading new stories will get you some free Keys and Diamonds. Each story you finish will earn you a little bit of both currencies.

There are other ways too. Every time you complete an achievement, you can earn diamonds and keys.

Pro Tips

* – You don’t have to overthink the small choices, like what you’ll wear.

* – You have the option to replay every chapter you went through. Sometimes you’ll do this because you love the chapter, while other times it’s your way out of adverse outcomes. And yes, replaying a character will delete your progress.

* – You can always connect your Choices account to your social networks.

* – You can easily switch between stories by tapping the home button. That will take you out of the story you’re playing, and let you start playing another one without losing your progress.

How to get free resources?

Just use our free online generator you see here. Security is our primary concern so that it doesn’t have to be yours. All you need to provide is your the email address you’re registered with, or your in-game username. Each time you use the Choices Online Generator, you will receive free Diamonds and Keys.

Quick, simple, and, most importantly, free.

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