Deltarune explained: Story, ending and everything you need to know.

Wondering what happened to Kris?

We’d like to start by giving you a spoiler warning, as we’ll be discussing the Deltarune ending and its story in detail. When you clicked on this article, you probably already knew what awaits, but a fair warning won’t hurt you.

As the ending of Deltarune approaches, Susie and Kris finally manage to return to the surface after having bested the king of the Dark World. From here, Kris explores the surface world and has a chat with everyone before they return home, where Toriel is waiting.

Following the return, Toriel tells Kris that she’s made some butterscotch pie. However, some time has to pass before the protagonist can have it since the pie is still cooling. After that, Kris heads straight to bed, and this is where we get the ending.

The middle of the night sees Kris tossing and turning in the bed before slowly getting out. Then, Kris creates a knife out of thin air and rips the soul out from the body. The protagonist then disposes of it in a birdcage located in the lower right corner of the room. Just before the ending, Kris faces the camera, grinning maliciously, eyes glowing red.

What Is the meaning of this?

This last scene ring a bell with fans of Chara from the Genocide game run in Undertale. Many endgame theories have already tried to come up with an answer. However, we find the following theory credible. It’s most likely that Chara had previously possessed Kris. On the other hand, we also think that the player (Frisk) might be the one possessing Kris.

Undertale fans surely know that Frisk was the original name of the player character. Starting a Genocide playthrough introduces the player to Chara. They are a corrupted, fallen human who caused the downfall of Asriel. Upon resurrection, Chara informs the player that they are bound together for eternity. Afterward, if the player selects the Pacifist game run, Chara is then offered Frisk’s soul as a sacrifice, which undos the events of the Genocide run.

What needs consideration is the first save you make in Deltarune. What you do is you overwrite Kris’ save file and replace it with a file named after you. If Frisk and the player are indeed the same, this means that the player takes control of the character, leaving Chara empty-handed. However, Chara regains that control, as Kris’ soul is ripped out.

It’s highly likely that Deltarune puts us in some kind of parallel or alternate universe. Chara may be aiming to destroy this universe by controlling Frisk’s soul. Mind you that Frisk’s soul and Kris’ heart are both the same color — red.

Finally, Kris’ name is a partial anagram of Frisk’s name. Taking into consideration all other anagrams such as Undertale and Deltarune, this surely isn’t a coincidence. However, the letter F is missing from Kris’ name. This suggests that the character is indeed Frisk, but without a soul.

The Birdcage

Remember the birdcage in the lower right corner of the room? What’s interesting is that it had a few dents in it, even upon our first examination at the beginning of the game. This may suggest that Frisk’s soul managed to break out of it several times. This insinuates that both Frisk and Chara have been wrestling over who will control the avatar for some time now.

This paves the way for the continuation of the story of Deltarune. Without a doubt, we will better understand the conflict between Chara and the player. However, it might just be that Toby Fox has something completely different in store for us. So take this theory with a grain of salt, as a dramatic turn of events may take place in the next game.

And there you have it — our explanation of the ending. Comment below if your theories are any different and check ScuttleNet for other similar articles.


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