Fallout 4 level cap — When does the game end?

With some of the new features, Fallout 4 has exceeded everyone’s expectations. But how does the maximum level cap compare to the previous versions?

The latest installment in the series, Fallout 4, takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Boston, Massachusetts. With some new expansions and features, Bethesda Softworks have really pulled out all the stops and improved their game.

The playing time is much longer compared to Fallout 3, and the new version is open-ended. That being said, what is the maximum Fallout 4 level cap that you can reach? Let’s find out.

Fallout 4 – Playtime Overview

Now, the average playtime for most players just for the main story is 27–43 hours. But if you include all of the side quests and additional content, you could be playing for well over a hundred hours.

In fact, the biggest difference between Fallout 4 and 3 is that once you’ve completed the game, you can still play. Even after the final credits, you can go back, explore the world, do some scavenging, and make settlements.

With all of these stats in mind, we can’t help but wonder, what is the level cap, and how long can you actually play? In most games (Fallout 3 included), after you’ve reached a certain level, you wouldn’t be able to play anymore.

But where Fallout 4 differs from most is that it doesn’t have a true level cap. Now, that’s not to say that you can play to your heart’s desire. In fact, even though it’s a huge improvement over the previous versions, Fallout 4 will crash once you reach level 65,535.

So, in essence, you could say that level 65,535 is the unofficial level cap. But there’s no task that you can’t complete or enemy that you can’t defeat before you reach that level. Just keep in mind that if and when you max out, you won’t be able to level down.


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