Fallout 76: Best locations to farm springs

Running out of springs in Fallout 76?

Those already familiar with the game’s mechanics most likely already know how crucial loose springs are to repairing and upgrading their weapons and similar items. However, the large world of Fallout 76 often makes it difficult for players to find such small items.

The good news is that a few locations offer Fallout 76 springs in abundance, allowing players to continue farming as much as they need.. They can also find items that they can break down into their constituent parts. More often than not, we can find springs in toasters, watches, clipboards, typewriters, handcuffs, and cameras.

Here’s our guide on where players can infinitely farm springs in Fallout 76.

Sugar Grove

Fallout 76 Sugar Cave

If we want to farm for infinite springs, look no further than Sugar Grove.

We will find numerous desk fans in the facility. Break these down for screws, as they are crucial to upgrading and repairing our gear as well. Clipboards aplenty are also waiting for us there, and these offer a cornucopia of springs and similar materials.

Mountainside Bed & Breakfast

Fallout 76 Mountainside Bed & Breakfast

If the Mountainside leaves us bored of farming, we can always move to Mountainside Bed & Breakfast. Stashes such as paper bags and the like are the perfect places to look in. Additionally, we can kill Yao Guai bears and take the springs they drop. Luckily, they never seem to leave this place.

Once we’ve had our fair share of the springs, leave the game and connect again. By that time, both the springs and the bears carrying them will have respawned. Feel free to repeat this as many times as we like, since this cycle is infinite.

Trading with players

Last but not least, we can give our caps to other players willing to relinquish their springs in return. These can be either our teammates or other cooperative players.

Starting the trade is as simple as approaching another player and selecting the “Invite to Trade” option. If someone else offers to trade with us, we can just choose “Accept Trade.”

These simple steps are all our readers need to easily farm as many springs as they want.


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