Fallout 76: Need some screws? Here’s where you can find them

Screws are an important resource for crafting things in Fallout 76. You can easily run out of them if you aren’t careful. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with our guide on where to find Fallout 76 screws.

The most important feature of Fallout 76 is crafting. And screws are an important crafting material — they allow you to repair gear, build turrets, and other mechanical items camp.

Since screws are required for almost all types of crafting, you will often find yourself short.

This Fallout 76 screws guide will tell you where you can find screws. Furthermore, it also contains a list of junk items that grant you screws when scraped.

Where, oh where are the Screws?

There are many junk items that yield screws when you break them into scraps. Some of which includes typewriters, globes, desk fans, handcuffs, toy cars, and hot plates. These pieces can offer you a great number of screws.

However, you will need to track these items down. They will be found randomly in the wasteland of West Virginia.

And if you are having any trouble finding them, you can also trade it with other players to get them. Here is the complete list of junk items that contain screws:

List of Junk items
Items that contain screws
# of Screws
Antique Globe1
Clean Globe1
Hot Plate1
New Toy Car1
Loose Screws1
Toy Car1
Toy Truck1
Souvenir Toy Car1
Tongs 1
Typewriter 1
Office Desk Fan 1
Clean Pepper Mill 2
Desk Fan2
Globe 2
Hubcap 2
Mini Nuke Stabilizer Fins 2
Giddyup Buttercup Body2
Pepper Mill 2
Restored Desk Fan 2
New Toy Truck 3
Carlisle Typewriter 4
Chez Vivi Typewriter 4
Giddyup Buttercup 4

A word to the wise

That’s our complete list for getting screws. If you like modding your armors and weapons, these junk items can be really useful.

While searching for them, using the feature ‘Tag for Search’ can be quite useful. It places a magnifying glass icon next to the items you should be picking up. This way, you don’t miss any junk items even when you are in a hurry.

Always be on a lookout for them.


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