Hanzo Main ‘Overwatch’ Insult — Why he got such a bad reputation

Being called a Hanzo Main is one of the worst and most creative insults in the Overwatch community. But why?

A few years back, in 2017, a proud mom posted a picture on Twitter that pretty soon went viral. On it, you can see a detention slip her daughter got for calling someone a bad name in school. But all she did was call a boy who took her pencil a Hanzo Main. Now you might be thinking, what makes this such a funny insult?

Before we dive into Hanzo, let’s just do a quick recap of Overwatch. It is an online-only game where you split up into teams of six and fight other people. The key to being successful in Overwatch is working together as a team. In essence, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

So, as you might’ve guessed, the best way to form a team is by picking out different characters in the game. All of these characters need to complement each other well so that you can win.

Hanzo Main Insult

Sometimes, one player can become obsessed with picking only one character, and that’s usually Hanzo. Even though someone else might work better for the team, the Hanzo Main player will stick to their guns, no matter the cost. If you do this in the Overwatch community, you can come off as being selfish, stubborn, or unreasonable.

Even though no one is really sure how Hanzo got such a bad reputation, some players believe that it’s because he’s a lone wolf. The character likes to work alone and doesn’t often contribute to the team.

What’s more, playing Hanzo requires a lot of skill and knowledge, two things that these players don’t usually have. You wouldn’t want someone like that in your squad, would you?

Donald Trump Mains Hanzo

Anti-Trump billboard

The creative insult from Overwatch became so popular that, in 2016, a PAC funded by Cards Against Humanity posted an anti-Trump billboard. It featured a picture of Trump yelling at a computer while the caption read “Donald Trump mains Hanzo and complains about team comp in chat.”

So, as you can see, being called Hanzo Main is a pretty bad insult. If someone calls you that, they usually mean you’re acting selfish and not working well in a team. We think that’s what the little girl in school meant when she called the boy a Hanzo Main.

We get it, Hanzo is a pretty good character, and we see why you would want to choose him. But every once in a while, you should switch things up and maybe pick someone else. If you don’t, other players might label you as a Hanzo Main — and that’s definitely not something you want.


  1. Jesus this is retarded. The joke is most of them think they’re a pro level player when they barely hang out in the mid tier ranks. If they want to 1 trick Hanzo that’s one them.


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