Persona 5: Is Matador with Magaru really impossible to achieve?

Unlike other cooperations, the twin jailers — Caroline and Justine — are particular. You will need to fulfill their specific demands, only then you will get a Matador with Magaru.

While each Confidant is fixed to their own distinctive member of the game’s Persona-fusing plan, one particular cooperation is a bit different — the one of the Twin Jailers, Caroline and Justine.

In order to boost your Confidant rank with them, you will need to fuse specific Personas with specific kind of expertise.

A Matador with Magaru is rank 3 in Persona 5. Though it is true that it’s not easy to get it, we found a solution for you.

Fuse Matador with Magaru

Well, the quickest method is to combine Mokoi (death) with a Treasure Persona. And then, simply choose to inherit Magaru for Matador.

Or, you can also opt for two regular Personas instead. Fuse Obariyon with Nekomata (Magician), and once again select to inherit Magaru. The choice is yours.

And if you fulfill all the twins’ demands, you will be given the Lockdown ability.

Now, you can use the Lockdown function only within the Velvet Room. But it allows you to leave a Persona with the twins to learn the attribute resistance.

That’s it for now. You can now easily get a Matador with Magaru without any trouble. We hope this article was useful to you.


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