Minecraft: Complete list of all the console commands and cheats

Using Minecraft commands, you can instantly alter the game and make it even more exciting. Here is the list of some useful cheat codes that you can use.

Minecraft is all about building and exploring. There are plenty of tools at your disposal, but you can still get additional ones using the right Minecraft commands and cheat codes.

From spawning hostile monsters to killing every enemy around, placing blocks, and getting powerful gear, you can do it all by just entering a few strings of letters.

Sure, some may call this cheating but don’t listen to them. Cheat codes save your time and energy and make the game even more interesting.

Before we dive in and learn some of the Minecraft commands, let’s learn how to use them.

Minecraft cheats and commands — How do we use them?

Enabling cheats in Minecraft world is as easy as inputting Minecraft seeds. Before creating a new world, you will be asked whether you want to allow cheats or not. If you want to use cheats, choose ‘Yes.’ Once you have selected it, load up the world and press the ‘C’ key. You will see a command bar; this is where you will be entering all your commands.

One important thing to note is that any command you enter needs to be prefixed by a forward slash (/). Otherwise, it will not work. Once you have entered the desired console command, simply hit ‘Enter’ and see the magic happen.

Moving forward, we have compiled a complete list of all Minecraft console commands and cheats that you can use. Let’s have a look at them.

Minecraft player commands

/kill [target]
It kills players, mobs, or even non-living things. However, if you do not specify any target, it will kill your character.

It allows you to teleport to the area you are facing.

Interestingly, this command converts your desired creature into a mount.

It freezes the mobs wherever they are standing.

/give [Player] [ItemName] [Amount] [DataValue]
This command lets you give items from your inventory to another player.

Example: /give MinePlayer Planks 13 1
This gives MinePlayer 13 wood planks.

/tp [TargetPlayer] [Location]
This command will transfer you or any other player to the mentioned location in the world.

/weather weathertype
It allows you the change the weather or your world. For example, ‘/weather clear’ will remove rain or snow. There are other options such as rain, snow, and thunder.

Minecraft world and environment commands

This command changes the map difficulty. The different stages are: easy, normal, hard, and peaceful.

Example: /difficulty peaceful
This command will change the map’s difficulty to Peaceful.

It creates a code for your world that you can use to load up an identical world in the future.

It allows you to explode a TNT block at where the player is pointing.

It submerges the entire world except for the highest mountains by raising the water level.

/time set x
Change x to 0 for dawn, 6000 for midday, 12000 for sunset, or 18000 for the night.

You will be able to one-click mine with any tool.

This command instantly grows your plant. No more waiting!

It turns all items into their smelted form.

This command stores all inventory items into a chest that appears near your spawns.

It copies the stack of your equipped tools.

This command summons a desired object or creature into your world. It is really useful when you are running low on tame ocelots.

Minecraft game mode commands

You can change the current game mode by using this command. There are four available options: spectator, survival, adventure, and creative.

/gamemode creative
It switches the game to creative mode. This mode removes health and hunger, and also, grants access to infinite blocks.

/gamemode survival
Survival mode is the default game mode. Whenever you get attacked by mobs, you will need to collect all resources the old-fashioned way.

Minecraft damages command

With this command, you will be able to negate all the damages done to you by mobs.

The command prevents your weapons from getting damaged.

It allows you to toggle fall damage on and off.

You can turn fire damage on and off.

You can toggle water damage on and off.

Set a gamerule value in Minecraft

This command changes specific game mechanics.


/gamerule keepInventory true
This command allows you to keep your inventory on death. To reverse the effect, replace ‘True’ with ‘False.’

/gamerule doDaylightCycle false
It stops the game’s day/night cycle. You will be able to live under permanent moonlight or sunlight. To resume the cycle, replace ‘False’ with ‘True.’

Minecraft help commands

This command lists out all the available commands in the game. For extra information on a specific command, use the CommandName argument. It will list out a complete description and syntax of the command.

Our final thoughts

So that is all we have in our Minecraft commands and cheats list. Apply these cheats, and take your game to the next level.

We are pretty sure that it will make your game even more fascinating than Mojang ever imagined. So what are you waiting for?

Start playing, already!


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