‘Persona 5’ guide: How to answer the “Magistrate’s Patronage” question

If you want to get ahead in Persona 5, you will need to answer some questions. But how do you answer the toughest one of all?

Persona 5 is a pretty complex game where you have to navigate high school life, along with exploring the Metaverse. Even though you are a tough vigilante by night, during the day, you still have to be an exemplary student. And you have to earn your Knowledge points.

So, how can you score those points and impress the teacher at the same time? Well, you can start by learning who first coined the term Magistrate’s Patronage.

Answering the question on may 10th

Your midterms will span across three months — April, May, and June. During those three months, you’ll be asked numerous questions on different subjects. Most often, you can answer any of these questions without looking them up.

But there will be a few questions that, unless you’ve studied Japanese history, you have no way of knowing. And your teacher will ask you one of these tough, impossible-to-answer questions on May 10th. The exact question is “Who do you think is the origin of the term Magistrate’s Patronage?”

And all you have to say to get this one right is — Minamoto no Yoshitsune. If you answer this question, your Knowledge stats will get a nice boost. Also, your teacher and classmates will be impressed.

Keep in mind that the teacher might ask you this question one more time during your exams. She will ask you, ”Which term did Minamoto no Yoshitsune coin?” And of course, the answer will be — Magistrate’s Patronage.


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